What are the Advantages of Trademark Registration?

What are the Advantages of Trademark Registration? We list in detail;

Trademark Protection

  • Trademark protection is a system that protects brand owners who use brands in their products and services. Your trademark for which you have registered is legally protected against all kinds of imitation, unauthorized use and confusion under the Industrial Property Law No. 6769.

.COM.TR Domain Registration

  • You can register a .com.tr domain name with the preliminary application document right after your trademark registration application. Thus, you can operate on the internet with your trademark’s domain name.

Trademark Registration Certificate

  • A special trademark registration certificate is issued for your trademark as a result of the trademark registration process. You will be under protection for 10 years with the trademark registration certificate which includes the name and shape of your brand.

Legal Entitlement

  • The real owner of the trademark has the right to object or to take legal action by filing a lawsuit in case of unauthorized use of a registered trademark by someone else.

10-Year Protection with Trademark Registration Fee Payment

  • Your trademark is protected for 10 years on the trademark registration classes that you have chosen and suitable for registration by paying the trademark registration fee during the application. You do not need to make any other payments during this process.

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