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Online Application

You can apply online and start your transactions within the same day.

Quick Trademark Registration

We shorten your waiting time and perform your transactions in a fastest way.

Free Trademark Search

We perform the preliminary research for registration free of charge and inform you for the results after you share your trademark in your mind with us.

12 Years of Experience

We Provide Professional Service With 12 Years of Experience and Our Team..

How do I apply?

You can have your trademark inquired free of charge with my Markam Cepte and you can apply for your Trademark Registration within the same day.

Trademark Registration Class

Determine Your Trademark Registration Class (Based on Your Field of Activity) Apply


Start your application process after determining the class of your trademark.

Transaction Process

Your transactions are started after the payment is received.

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+ Other Services

System Certification

Fast & professional solutions for your company’s ISO Certificate needs

Product Certification

We are at your service with our expert team for your certification needs (Ce, Tse…) of your products.

Agency Service

We provide professional solutions for your corporate identity needs of your trademark.

Web Design

We are at your service for your web design needs of your trademark.

.COM.TR  Domain Registration Right

Your domain application for your trademark is made quickly with your registration process.

Product Shooting

We shoot your products professionally and move your brand to digital.

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