Frequently asked Questions

What is Trademark Registration?

Trademark Registration is defined as the distinctive sign used to distinguish similar products and services from the products or services of others or used during the provision of a particular service. Words, Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Shape or Packaging of the Product and their presentation together are considered trademarks.

How to Register a Trademark?

You can get free consultancy service from our brand experts by filling out the “Free Preliminary Research” request form to investigate whether your trademark is suitable for registration. If you have already checked that your brand is suitable, you can complete your order by choosing which classes you want to register after typing your brand name in the field at the top. After application, the trademark registration process is started by applying to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office on your behalf after you have prepared the documents requested from you for trademark registration correctly and submitted them completely.

How is Trademark Registration Class Determined?

Simply click on the “Find Your Brand Class” button at the top and write a keyword to find out in which classes you can register your brand according to your industry, purpose or business area. You can view the information about which classes you should prefer and choose regarding the relevant keyword, with their explanations.

What are the Trademark Types?

Trademarks are divided into 4 different groups: Trademarks, Service Marks, Warranty Marks, Common Marks.

What are the Documents Required for Trademark Registration?

In trademark registration applications, if the applicant is a legal person; Activity certificate, Tax plate, Trademark sample (such as logo or sign) and a document showing that the application fee has been paid must be submitted. If the applicant is a real person; ID number, Power of Attorney, if any, Trademark sample (such as logo or sign) and a document showing that the application fee has been paid must be submitted.

What are the Trademark Registration Application Stages?

First, a figure examination is made by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office after your trademark registration application is received. Similarity research is conducted by the relevant Industrial Property Specialist for trademark applications for which no deficiencies are detected at the end of the figure analysis. This research can take between 1 week and 4 months, depending on the file density of the office. A publication decision is given for trademark applications that have distinctive features and do not appear to be similar to other trademarks as a result of the similarity research.

What Advantages Does Trademark Registration Provide You?

Trademark registration gives the owner the right to prevent all kinds of use of the relevant trademark within the scope of the goods and services within the scope of registration without the permission of the trademark owner and to give permission to use the trademark to other persons.

How Long Does the Trademark Registration Process Take?

Trademark registration processes are completed in an average of 10 months.

How Many Years Does Trademark Registration Provide?

Trademark is protected for ten years as of the application date. It is possible to extend this period for an unlimited period of time in 10-year periods.

When Can You Get a Domain?

You can register a domain name with the extension on our website, together with your preliminary application document without waiting for the completion of the process after your trademark registration application. Domain name registration applications to be made are priced over the current registration fee, excluding the Trademark Registration fee.

How Can I Register My Trademark Abroad?

A protection provided in Turkey for trademark, patent and industrial design registrations is also not valid abroad. An application is filed according to the Madrid protocol for foreign trademark registration (International trademark registration).

How Can I Transfer My Trademark?

The registered trademarks can be transferred to third parties with a trademark assignment agreement. Notary approval is made and the relevant contract is made in writing during this process.

How Can I Change My Trademark's Address?

The change of address shall be submitted to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Failure to notify the change of address may result in loss of rights to the trademark owner.

What are the Legal Processes in Trademark Registration?

The trademark and figure examination process is initiated by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office after the trademark application process. The purpose here is to determine the uniqueness of the brand and shape applied for.

How to Apply for Trademark Registration What Does the Review Mean?

The trademark and figure examination process are initiated by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office after the trademark application process. The purpose here is to determine the uniqueness of the trademark and shape applied for.

When Will My Brand Be Published?

Completion of the trademark registration application takes an average of 7 to 10 months. It is published in the Official Trademark Bulletin for two months if the application is found positive after the examination stages made by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office specialist.

How to File an Opposition against the Published Trademark?

An opposition can be made within 2 months from the date of the official bulletin for the brand that has been decided to be published like your brand after the published bulletin. You can make your oppositions to the newsletter publication through Markam Cepte trademark experts.